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How to prolong the service life of the electronic device cars?

26 Dec 2016 - motorcycle parts

      When young, only pay attention to appearance, department to maintain, over the age of 30 began to know how to take care of their own internal maintenance. The car is the same. If you want the car to health accompanies you to run a few years. Oil, water, circuit maintenance, of course, is indispensable! Today we introduce to you: your car how to prolong the life of electronic devices.

       1.Understand the basic principles

       Most people do understand the electronics, imagine a plastic hose cable, like water flowing through the pipe, which is electronic. All you get to do is make sure they are free to flow, corrosion, damage and poor technology will affect circulation. Itsound like you step on a hose and cause water to flow. In old cars may be flowering, burned wires or ineffective rectifier rectifiers, which should be replaced.

       2.Optimize your regulated rectifier

       Will the rectifier and the car generator power rectifier, especially in a relatively old motorcycle, in general it is directly connected to the battery if the rectifier is bad, often will burn some light bulbs, so we need to look at the connection point is normal pin rectifier. First with a needle to launch the work on the socket, and extract positive and negative connectors, photos it seems really bad.

        3.Let the regulated rectifier is normal

        The correct use of 'W' tool and 33 ampere lines, let the new poles can be directly connected to the battery, to avoid wearing or pulling them, heat shrinkable wrap old connectors and wires, and arrange the line well. New positive wire requires a 30 AMP in-line fuses.

         4.Update your grounding

         The current flows back from the chassis through the ground terminal to the battery, which is an annular terminal that is bolted to the frame or engine door and can be easily recognized. Unscrew it checks whether there is corrosion, with a soft brush for cleaning brush to clean, to see the metal part. Re assembly, tension, and then coated with silicone strengthen, restart the motorcycle.

        5.Lubrication connection plugs

        The next time you just want to unload the car shell, will be exposed and opened at the inside of the connector, sea green or white sticky substances represents corrosion problems. Remove the terminal and use a clean soft brush to apply silicone to prevent corrosion, otherwise the oil will block the connector.

        6.Check whether there is any damage

        Unloading tank shell is a good time to check whether the wire wear, detection and use of PVC adhesive tape, quick connector (without cutting or peeling wire can connect two line connection) or red insulating joint, to repair and update any bare copper conductor or old pipelines, in the 10 year old XT660R, frame patch the rusted parts began to rub the erosion of these wires. If there is any damage to the examination, must be welded or heat shrinkable extra wires to repair.

        7.Remove the alarm

        Alarms may also become one of the electronic problems to be removed. The speaker must first be closed, unlock the various sensors on the car (but not cut), and then open the corresponding alarm line, will be four to five of the alarm line opened or removed transplantation and re welding, welding and heat shrinkable with fixed line.

        8.With appropriate accessories

        Insulation connectors are very common and cheap, they are typically used in cars, but not for motorcycles, because the motorcycle is corroded bare wires. However, you can order 'W' with a separate insulator connector, and then buy a suitable crimping tool from the Internet.

         9.To see what is not the same?

         This is the battery ground terminal, the outside covering the isolation layer, which seems to have been utilized for a long time. You can use solder from below to increase the conductivity, but do not peel off the wires of insulating rubber.

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