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Motorcycle driving skills

28 Oct 2016 - Motorcycle driving skills

     Unlike cars, motorcycles come with rather complex dynamics when it comes to negotiating a turn. Cars are less subject to the (sometimes) dramatic balance changes and weight shifting motorcycle riders have to cope with, and that's why the untrained or less-experienced motorcyclist may be tempted to believe that cars perform better through turns.


    To be a good motorcycle driver, you must have a good grasp of the correct driving position. No matter what kind of car ride, each rider should do the following:


    1. Keep the body balance, posture should be correct, can not left the right oblique. Beginner's Guide for motorcycle drivers.


    2. Relax the body, do not be stiff, hands gently hold the handles, not press the ,If do Can not be a good control direction.


    3. While maintaining the balance between the body and the car, you can change the body posture according to the need. For example, when turning the body with the tilt of the body and changing posture, so that people car. Normal driving, sitting in the car, the spine arched hips, not too backward or forward, hands light handlebars, elbows slightly bent, jaw recovery, visual front, the body tilted forward, with arm strength do not support the body, the center of gravity of the body should be in the second half of the body, so that the direction of the flexible rotation. When cycling, legs do not open, should gently grip the tank, the lower body and the body to maintain a consistent state, in turn, by moving the lower part of the body so that the body to maintain balance. The feet naturally on the pedal, the clutch handle with the little finger, ring finger and middle finger to hold, with the index finger and the palm of the hand hold the handles. General use two or three that means holding the handle brake, the other fingers hold the handles, not with the whole hand brake handle, it cannot turn the throttle.   www.oumurs.com!

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