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Motorcylce coil maintance

28 Oct 2016 - Motorcylce coil maintance

     In the ignition system of motorcycle gasoline engine, The ignition coil is used to convert the low-voltage electric power into a high voltage power, so that the spark plug generates an electric spark. The ignition coil is mainly composed of primary winding, secondary winding, iron core and outer shell. The primary winding and the secondary winding are all wound on the iron core. The number of turns of the primary winding is less, the working current is larger, the number of turns of secondary winding is more, the working voltage is larger, generally more than 10000V. Maintain good insulation performance of the ignition coil is the main content of its use and maintenance.


    1.ignition coil outside the surface should be kept clean. The interior should be prevented from wetting, in order to maintain its good insulation performance.

  Motorcylce coil maintance

    2.ignition coil high pressure screw and high pressure wire connection should be firmly. If the connection is loose, it is prone to discharge jump fire, causing the connection loss.


    3.Another simple test you may do regardless of type of coil is to check the voltage going to the coil with battery connected. If you have a 12V DC system and you are getting close to 12vdc at the coil terminal and no reading is coming out of from touching the coil you either have a bad connection or bad coil.

  Motorcylce coil maintance

    Testing a motorcycle ignition coil is important especially when you install a new motorcycle ignition switch. Electrical problems on a motorcycle can also occur so testing will help determine these problems. 2 gadgets can help you test these problems. The ohmmeter, also known as a multimeter, sends out a very low powered electric charge through a wire and measure how much resistance there is in the wire to the charge going through it and is measured in ohms. The amount of resistance you will set the ohmmeter depends on what you are testing. An information manual for all types of resistance for specific testing is usually available in an automotive shop and can be very useful in other things wire settings not just for vehicles but most appliances inside the home.


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