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The Notice for buying shock absorber

08 Oct 2016 - shock absorber

     Even though shock absorbers have been in use since the early days of the automobile, they are not well understood by the general driving public. Even automotive enthusiasts will neglect and often ignore the shock absorbers on their car, degrading the car’s handling performance and ride comfort.

     A shock absorber is a suspension component that controls the up-and-down motion of the vehicle’s wheels.

      Though the devices are called shock absorbers, the job of absorbing the jolts that result when the wheels pass over bumps or dips is handled mostly by the springs. Shock absorbers would more accurately be named dampers, as they are called in the United Kingdom. Their main job is to damp the motion mentioned above, keeping the vehicle’s body from bouncing down the road on its springs. In fact, the simplest shock absorber test is to push down on the vehicle’s bumper; a healthy shock absorber or MacPherson strut will allow the body to rebound but quickly come to rest. If the vehicle goes into a prolonged bounce cycle, the shock needs to be replaced. Bad shocks or struts aren’t safe because they fail to maximize tire contact with the road, which degrades handling and braking.

      How do shock absorbers work?

      A shock absorber works much the same way. Inside the shock absorber there’s a piston that moves inside a tube that is filled with oil. As the piston moves, the oil is forced through tiny holes and valves within the piston, precisely controlling the amount of resistance to movement. This resistance to the motion converts the energy into heat. (Yes, a shock absorber that has been doing its job over a rough road does get warm!)

     Although there have been many different designs for shock absorbers over the course of automotive history, today there are four basic types available:



     Gas-filled mono-tube

     External reservoir

     Sometimes these types of shock absorbers are incorporated into a strut-type suspension that uses the shock absorber as part of the spring support, but the basic principles still apply.

As with most automotive components, it is important that you buy the right shocks absorbers  for your specific vehicle, since mismatched shocks can affect handling and could even be dangerous.

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