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How Moto Parts Agency Break The Predicament

17 Jan 2017 - moto parts,moto parts agency,moto parts predicament

First, MOTO Parts dealer are caught in traps, The reasons :
Most dealers complained that the business more difficult to deal with, the main reasons are the following:
1, the local predicament
MOTO parts City is the gathering place of most dealers, but because of the blind expansion, Mopexual City in recent years, polarization - occupy a favorable position in the development of a better momentum, but the rent is also higher, operating cost-bearing; , Sales of natural difference.
2, the impact of Mopei manufacturers
Accessories manufacturers gradually began to attach importance to the retail market, self-built channels and offices for direct marketing or flat marketing channels; the original large wholesale companies are gradually beginning to chain or join, to the secondary and tertiary market penetration.

 moto parts dealer

3, intense competition
With the large increase in Mopei dealers, price transparency is getting higher and higher, the information space is getting smaller and smaller, dealers gradually reduced to porters.
4, the downstream impact
Downstream repair shop more and more shrewd, inquiry capacity gradually increased, and gradually mastered the upstream wholesalers of information, began to cross the local dealer to the upper reaches of the upstream dealers to increase the risk, To goods or to ask the price requirements of local dealers to further reduce the dealer's bargaining power.
5, Mopei distribution capacity of the clamp
Most of the dealer's personal management capacity is low, there is no long-term development goals and business planning, can not grow into a company-based enterprises; dealer service capacity is not developed, can not provide value-added services for the garage to get premium.
6, management bottleneck
Some dealers embarked on the road of the scale, the establishment of a large network of two distributors and inventory, but the lack of effective operation of the management system, stable and high-quality workforce and other conditions to be supported. So look at the financial statements each year is still profitable, but if the inventory "inventory" becomes a "win out real loss."
7, the lack of brand
Some dealers embarked on the "brand management" of the road, such as tires, lubricants, but because of the channel is not standardized, disorderly market competition, genuine product price transparency is too high, coupled with market product homogeneity trend, So that the "brand" the price of the lack of competitiveness. Therefore, this scale of operation of the profit space is getting smaller and smaller, and even Yuezuo Yuekui. Sometimes the brand can only become an intangible asset, or a mix.

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