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Do you know the important of camshaft

08 Oct 2016 - camshaft

      In this article, you will learn how the camshaft affects engine performance.  how different engine layouts, like single overhead cam (SOHC) and double overhead cam (DOHC), really work. And then we'll go over a few of the neat ways that some cars adjust the camshaft so that it can handle different engine speeds more efficiently.

     A camshaft in an internal combustion engine makes it possible for the engine's valves to open and close. The camshaft is a cylinder that aligns with the engine's cylinders. The asymmetrical lobes of the camshaft correspond to the engine's valves. As the camshaft rotates, it opens and closes the engine's valves.

     The camshaft is connected to the engine's crankshaft by the timing belt. The timing belt and the camshaft work together to open the valves in coordination with the stroking of the pistons. Timing belts must be checked and adjusted regularly. When a timing belt breaks, the camshaft stops spinning. When this occurs, pistons can strike a valve while it is closed, functionally destroying the engine.

     The right camshaft involves much more than just matching valvetrain components and other engine parts. The entire sum of the vehicle is just as important. Most camshaft manufacturers will list the optimum rpm range on each camshaft. But as you’re matching the rpm range you should also consider what your intentions are for the car. The type of transmission and torque converter, the vehicle weight, compression ratio, tire size, and rear-end gear ratio will all affect the rpm characteristics. So it’s important to know what kind of car you’re planning to build from the start.

      Camshafts typically have variable speeds that shift as the speed of the engine changes. Most modern vehicles have dual overhead camshafts, with one camshaft assigned to the exhaust valves and a second to the intake valves. Typically, V-6 and V-8 engines have dual overhead camshafts, while smaller inline 4- or 6-cylinder engines have a single overhead camshaft. Dual camshafts make it possible to have more valves in the engine, which increases the flow of both intake and exhaust gases. This increased flow increases the engine's power.

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