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08 Dec 2017 - oumurs motorparts national holiday break inform 2017,national holiday,mid-autumn festival

Dear Value Customers,

Please be well noted since 1st , OCT., to 5th, OCT., 2017, OUMURS will have the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. OUMURS will be back to work in 6th, OCT., 2017. 

All business will still be running within the holidays by emails. 

All new orders will be arranged after we finish the holiday as well as the inquiry lists and quotations will be updated. 

Orders, placed before OCT., 2017, with deposit to OUMURS, have been arranged to produce or to deliver according to both parties’ agreements. 

We will try every effort to accomplish your annual marketing goal. 

We would be very glad to hear your comments and opinions about our coming cooperation if there is any.   

Best wishes to you and your family!

China OUMURS Motorcycle Spare Parts and Accessories.


Estimado Señor o Estimada Señorita,

Buen Día!

Nota por favor: OUMURS tendrá una vacación para celebrar la fiesta del Día Nacional China y Festival de Mediados de Otoño desde el primero de Octubre hasta el 5 de Octubre,2017. OUMURS volverá a trabajar el 6 de octubre de 2017.

Vamos a seguir todos negocios en la vacación por correo. 

Vamos a organizar todos pedidos nuevos despues de terminar los dos festivales, la lista de cotización tambien.Seguiremos ofrecendo el servicio perfecto, el producto mejor y el precio competitivo a ustedes. 

Ganar - Ganar en ahora y la futura.

Atentamente a usted y sus familias!

Tus Supporter Para Siempre----China Oumurs Motorcycle Spare Parts And Accessories.

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  • E-mail:[email protected]

  • Addr. 2nd Floor Building E,ShaLuo Industrial Zone,Shicha Street Baiyun District Guangzhou

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