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What is HONDA Wave?

09 Nov 2017 -

OUMURS is going to introduce you a HONDA bike---wave. 

This bike pronunciation is kind like WEI WU in Chinese, which means powerful and mighty, sounds just like the bike itself.


Wave HONDA, it's Chinese name is from how we called it: WEI WU. It belongs to NF series in HONDA motorcycle.Almost twenty two years ago in 1995, the very first moto wave went on the market for the first time.

Moto honda wave was HONDA Super Cub, which is the first HONDA cub motorcycle in the world.HONDA super cub was sold over one hundred million bikes at that time. It can be called the foundation of HONDA cub motorcycle further develop and global marketing strategy.

Wave is based on Super Cub basic configuration, improved by upgrading capability,developed into higher performance motorcycle.


Till now, the HONDA Wave motorcycle was sold over 2 million in 45 countries and regions in the world.

In China, Wave also won great popularity and can be seen in all cities. Honda introduced HONDA Wave 100 in 2002. With higher performance and lower oil consumption of HONDA Wave 100, it occupied big Chinese market.


Ten years after HONDA wave 100 ran in Chinese cities, Honda upgrading the bike into HONDA wave 110. It is firstly produced in OCT., 10th, 2012 in Tianjin, China.

WAVE 110, with 110cc strong engine, is advanced by sophisticated technique from HONDA racing bikes. It's maximum power up to 6.1kw, which is surpassing a lot of 125cc cub motorcycles. Meanwhile, the oil consumption is 9%% lower than HONDA wave 100.

In 2015, HONDA wave 110s came into market with better appearance adjustment, which showed the market another impression of wave motorcycles. It is warmly welcomed by the young group.


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